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Personalize your WiFi, get to know your customers better and offer targeted markeng promotions.

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01. About MAX-WiFi

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Max-WiFi is a cloud-based WiFi management platform. We transform your WiFi into a marketing, communication, analytics and security tool. Customers login to Guest WiFi with their social account, email or phone number. You can see who they are and instantly send greetings, coupons and ads based on their profiles and visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them.

Turning WiFi into a marketing channel

Facilities such as hotels, retail stores, restaurants and business centers can hugely benefit from the use of Guest WiFi and Analytics. By learning and using insights such as who the customer is, how long they stay and how they move around an area, these facilities can open new revenue streams, enhance operational efficiency and improve the user experience.

Max-WiFi can provide valuable data on every single customer connected to your WiFi. We offer a simple solution for your customers to access Guest WiFi, giving you a great way of collecting data and setting your business up to target your customers with powerful marketing tools.

Max-WiFi can provide valuable data on every single customer connected to your WiFi.

The gathered data is converted into easy to use reports and can be synchronized with a variety of CRM tools. Demographic information provided includes age, gender, location, interests and social media details. Behavioural data includes customers log on location and time, how long they stayed and what device they used.

02. How it works

Let's grow together


Digital Marketing for physical spaces

Marketing tools available with Max-WiFi provide comprehensive ways to monitor and actively promote your business. You can customize your WiFi login pages with branding and advertising of your choice and automatically send targeted messages to your customers via email, SMS, and social media.


Increase brand recognition

Using personalized landing pages, you can manage every step of the customer's journey, from the first time you meet to the most recent. Different content can be served based on venue, regularity, occasion or location.

Our Splash Designer lets you completely control the presentation of your brand. Upload your logo and other images, customize the color theme, insert welcome messages and you are ready to go. It’s really that simple.


Understanding your customers better

Max-WiFi provides a wealth of information collected via your WiFi. Our analytics platform includes real-time customer data and insight. User demographics and other information such as age, gender, origins, location, length of stay, and total number of visits are just some of the statistics we collect.

This information enables venues to deploy personalized marketing messages to the right people at the right time encouraging higher spend and enhancing customer experience.


Promote products via personalized Ads and Coupons

Personal, well-timed Adversing: You can reach your customers at the right time and place by sending emails, texts and coupons straight to their mobile devices. Interactions can be driven by connection profile, location, occasions or visit patterns and can happen on schedule or in real time. Our Portal enables you to create bespoke multichannel marketing campaigns individual to your audience.

Time Limited Ads and Coupons: Max-WiFi Coupons provide a comprehensive set of tools to create and manage multiple coupon (voucher) campaigns at the same time.

Prize Draws: You can also create coupon (prize) draws when, for example, every 50th customer receives a coupon with a unique or common code which they can claim over the counter.


enables businesses to onboard and target customers across online and offline with the right messages at the right time in every environment

03. Features

Key Business Benefits

Embolden your brand

Max-WiFi offers fully customizable Welcome Portals, emails, and other messages so that look and feel of customer communications are in line with your brand.

Increase conversions

Reach your customers at the right time and place via splash messages, emails, texts, and coupons delivered straight to their devices while they are instore.

Offer Coupons and Rewards

Run coupon campaigns and prize draws to encourage more customers into your venues and give them and an extra reason to make a purchase.

Simple and Compliant WiFi solution

Provide customers with quick, seamless and compliant login process. Login options include email, social profiles, SMS, vouchers and paid access.

Enrich Customer Profiles

Max-WiFi automatically enriches data your visitors provide when they connect with information from 3rd party data sources such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other online services.

Speak Customer’s Language

All our products support language customization of all customer-facing messages and pages.

Security and Compliance

As a WiFi provider, you are responsible for what people do on your network. We help you identify each and every user and offer tools such as identity verificaon, physical security alerts, and data retention.

WiFi as Service

The strength of Max-WiFi WiFi comes from it's advanced and flexible cloud platform. You can start using Max-WiFi with little investment and grow gradually, as and when you need.

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